Birthday Gifts

Ask for donations instead of gifts on your special day!

Coin Drive

Penny Wars: Drop change in jars to compete against other classes.  Pennies are worth positive points; silver coins and cash are worth negative points. “Sabotage” the other jars by dropping silver or dollars in them.  Click here for rules.

Movie Night

Host a backyard movie night by projecting your movie onto a white sheet or big blank wall. Lay out inflatable furniture and lots of blankets and pillows! Of course you’ll charge for snacks and admission, but they will be reasonably priced and for a great cause!


Sell Strike Out ALS™ wristbands. This is a great way to raise money and spread awareness at the same time. Click here to order your wristbands online.

Young Adults

Dress-Down Days

Have employees pay to dress down at work. Ask your boss if fellow employees can buy a sticker for $5 -$25 and get to “dress down” on an assigned day. Click here for “dress down” stickers:

Guest Bartender

Friends with your local bartender? Ask him/her to put a sign up one night that says all tips get donated to The ALS Association. Or talk to a local bar about being a “guest bartender” for a night for a cut of the profits or cover charge (as long as you help promote the night!)

Raffle Off a Day!

Ask your boss or the owner of the company to donate a paid day off to the winner of the drawing. Sell tickets for $5 – $25 to your co-workers (this is an easy way for most companies to contribute without donating cash)

Restaurant Programs

Many restaurant chains have programs where they’ll give a cause 10-25% of the night’s profits when customers bring in a flyer. Ask your local manager today and pass out copies of the flyer to everyone you know and don’t know!