“Shut Up & Cure ALS” – Day 2

Today has been quiet. 🙂  The week definitely seems like it’s moving slower with me not talking.  All day today, I kept thinking it was Tuesday.  I’ve been completely silent all day, even with going out to meet my Dad in the therapy pool and the grocery store.  I ordered turkey from the deli by writing a note in my phone.  I left an “ALS Awareness�? card with the deli lady & cashier.  I also left one in the locker room at the Healthplex.  I figure someone might pick it up and learn about ALS or just learn that it doesn’t take money to make a difference.

My mood is definitely changing today.  I’m a little somber with communicating & interacting less and without talking at all.  I’m definitely a social person who is fueled by interacting with others.

In addition, today I received an email from a lady named Leslie, she shared with me that her husband, Paul was diagnosed with ALS a couple months ago.  It breaks my heart each time I learn of a new ALS victim.  It’s so devastating for anyone to get this diagnosis, even more so when young children are involved.  This couple has 2 children just 4 & 6 years old.  You can see how beautiful this young family is below.  They live here in the Cincinnati area, so we will be meeting soon.

This ALS club, is a club that no one wants to be a part of.  But, I’ve been a member here for 12 years and my ALS journey has taught me so much & led me to extraordinary people.  I feel blessed to have Paul & Leslie reaching out to our family.  This ALS journey is not easy, but trust when I say we have a strong & caring community that will be by their side.

Please consider joining our daily prayer covenant to pray together each day at 7 p.m. for the month of May, in honor of ALS Awareness Month.  We are praying for the ALS community, science & research so healing comes to all with ALS.   Please pray boldly for Paul & Leslie & their family.   See below what you can do right now in honor of Paul and all others battling ALS!

Did you know that every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed and another dies of ALS?

Did you know that 90-95% of ALS cases are completely random??  Meaning anyone, anywhere can get this disease.  ALS has no boundaries & shows no mercy.

I’ll continue to blog here daily during my “Shut Up & Cure ALS�?.  Thank you for your support!  Two days down, 5 to go!


Lorri Carey

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